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By Getting-On-Board, Mar 11 2015 12:41PM

Legislation has been passed in Germany meaning all major companies must give 30% of their non-executive board-level positions to women.

The legal quota will go a long way towards redressing the imbalance – there is currently not a single female chief executive among the country’s 30 largest firms in the blue-chip DAX index.

In fact, women are massively under-represented on global corporate boards.

Could Germany’s binding requirement for more females in the board room be the quick and easy solution?

Actually, there already is a solution that goes a long way towards dealing with this matter, and thousands of women in the UK alone are already part of it.

It’s called board-level volunteering, and it’s changing women’s lives for the better.

We’ve spoken to female trustees, and 74% told us they have more confidence as a result of their charity board position. More than a third (38%) said they have new leadership aspirations as a result – so they could end up on corporate boards soon too.

If you want to be among the female leaders to shape the world’s top firms then a trustee role could be your first step.

It’s an ideal way to gain experience and widen your network, all the while helping a charity continue its good work for those who need its advice or services.

We all know that women need to have a voice among the leaders of the world’s top firms, and Germany’s new law will help to pave the way for them to be heard loud and proud, but in the meantime you can shout about your skills, qualities and experience as a board-level volunteer. It might just lead you down a new path at work, after all, 22% of trustees said they got a promotion because of their volunteer role.

By Getting-On-Board, Feb 5 2015 04:26PM

Tuesday 24th February 18:30 - 20:45pm

Cost: £15 (inc VAT for non IoD members)

Venue: Hawk Management UK Ltd, 4th Floor Regal House, 70 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3QS

Book your place here:

Develop skills by volunteering as a trustee of a charity, a school governor or a board member of a public body.

Why should you attend this seminar?

To learn about the roles of trustees of charities, school governors and members of boards of public bodies and about why you should consider volunteering as a board member.

You will also learn about:

What governance is: the common demands like strategic thinking, monitoring, challenging and supporting

The responsibilities, time demands, liabilities

What skills, attitudes and experience you need to be a good board member

Why you are needed: shortages of highly skilled and highly motivated volunteers at this level

What you get from it: personal satisfaction, training, new skills

What to do next; How to go about becoming a board level volunteer

By Getting-On-Board, Feb 1 2015 06:53PM

Being outstanding in your job is simply not enough if you want to stand out for the best promotions and opportunities - you have to go beyond your desk and demonstrate your motivation to succeed.

Becoming a charity trustee is perfect for such motivated corporate professionals who want to do something different. It’s ideal for learning new things, developing new skills and making new connections, all of which boost your career opportunities at work – and in a totally different environment than you’re used to, whilst helping others at the same time.

Getting On Board spoke at the recent Canary Wharf Group Corporate Responsibility Lunch to highlight the board-level volunteering opportunities available to City workers, and the benefits they bring.

With the likes of KPMG, who work with us to support staff in becoming trustees, and Dot Dot Dot, who turn empty properties into homes for volunteers, in attendance, it was the most inspiring lunch break ever!

Too often, city workers become chained to their desks, restricted to a pre-determined career pathway, and may feel like they have little time or energy to give outside the office.

The truth is that board-level volunteering can work wonders for careers, lifestyles and good causes – it’s win, win, win!

By Getting-On-Board, Jan 2 2015 11:29AM

At the start of a new year we all take the opportunity to assess our ambitions and goals in life, so it is no surprise that January is the time of year when we get the most enquiries about trusteeships.

Being a trustee is a fantastic way to contribute and to learn a new empathy about the challenges people face, all the while learning new skills, improving your CV, meeting new friends and building your networks.

Research shows a direct link between trusteeship and improved professional prospects. Almost a quarter of trustees (22%) have had a promotion as a result of their board-level volunteering and 98% say they would recommend the experience.

For women, 74% say they’ve improved in confidence thanks to being a trustee, and 38% have new leadership aspirations as a result. Board-level volunteering is doing wonders for UK employers too. Most (85%) bosses said trusteeship is an effective and low-cost way for staff to develop skills, and 62% bosses believe that firms that encourage trusteeships among employees positively raise their corporate responsibility profile.

So why not become a board-level volunteer and 2015 could become the year that you change lives (including your own!).

By Getting-On-Board, Dec 2 2014 10:10PM

Getting on Board has been working hard for many years to showcase the various wonderful things about being a charity trustee, but this autumn/winter has been a particularly busy and successful period for our team. We’ve made huge progress on our commitment to working with employers on integrating board-level volunteering into their learning and development programmes, which means huge successes for companies, employees and charities.

Trustees’ Week in November is always a highlight of our year and this time round was no exception. We used the occasion to highlight far and wide what being a trustee can do for individual, corporate, and charity wellbeing, and as part of this big push we have held loads of events and talked to so many people about trusteeships.

Our seminars, workshops and one-to-one trustee clinics help people find the perfect board-level volunteering role for them, giving them the opportunity to utilise their skills and experience in a new, exciting and incredibly worthwhile way. The businesses they work for, the charities they oversee and the communities they are part of all benefit as a result.

Here is a taster of what we have been up to recently:

• Linklaters – this global law firm asked us to hold a seminar and provide Signposting sessions for some of their employees.

• Santander – an initial event for the bank went so well they have already asked us back next March!

• CCLA – we gave a seminar at this specialist investment management firm for charities – helping them see beyond the numbers to the people involved.

• Institute of Directors – a packed-out event at the prestigious IoD offices in London featured great speakers, a really engaged audience, a lot of interest and queries and streams of candidates for our Signposting service.

• On board in Bristol – more than 70 people attended our trusteeship session aboard a boat in the city docks. Lots of local business people got involved and left feeling inspired thanks to five prominent speakers, all of whom are trustees at some of Bristol’s most well-known and well-loved charities.

• Serco – for the international service company we held workshops with HR leaders to help them see how to integrate trusteeships into staff training and development programmes. We also met with a selection of employees to give them individual guidance on becoming trustees.

By Getting-On-Board, Nov 6 2014 12:11PM

Free seminar - Tuesday 25th November from 6:30pm to 7:30pm - sponsored by Business Showcase South West

Here at Getting on Board we know well the many benefits of board-level volunteering: it could make you happier, healthier, more confident and more successful at work. And of course it has many benefits for the charities and people they support too.

This month we are hosting a free seminar in Bristol to highlight to members of the local business community what they could gain from sitting on a charity board. It will give an insight into what it is like to join a charity as a trustee and how it fits in perfectly with career development and personal goals.

Our speakers include:

- Dr Richard Pendlebury MBE DL – Chief Executive of Emmaus Bristol and a trustee or founder of several charities over the past 25 years.

- Jos Moule – Trustee of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal.

- Sarah Embleton – trustee at the Jessie May Trust.

- Mike Zeidler of Happy Bristol, giving insight into how trusteeship can boost personal happiness.

- Claire Ladkin – Trustee at Bristol Zoo.

The free seminar takes place on Tuesday 25th November from 6:30pm to 7:30pm aboard the iconic MV Balmoral in the Harbourside dock.

With 65% of trustees saying board-level volunteering has improved their CV and 74% of female trustees saying they have improved in confidence as a result, you could find that trusteeship offers you a lot of fantastic benefits.

Join us to find out how trusteeship fits in to busy lives, to learn about how charity boards work together on all sorts of projects, and what being a trustee might mean for your health, wellbeing and career. Everyone has skills to offer and we look forward to encouraging more Bristolians to become charity board members – local charities are crying out for new professional support and your time and skills could benefit your community and yourself.

Places are strictly limited and can be booked via the button below. For more information or event queries, please call Sarah Holder on 07952 894 573 or email

By Getting-On-Board, Sep 16 2014 04:15PM

The success of #icebucketchallenge and #nomakeupselfie have shown that people love telling their friends what to do, especially when it’s for a good cause!

In the run up to Trustees’ Week 2014 this November, we’re starting a campaign called #nominateatrustee to get people to nominate friends, family, colleagues and contacts to be Trustees.

Charities are crying out for skilled, passionate Trustees who can help them deliver on their mission and enable them support some of the most vulnerable people in the country.

With over half of all UK charities currently having at least one vacancy, we need new trustees now more than ever before!

Many people take a while to build up the confidence to go for a Board position but when they take the plunge they find that they are really able to make a difference, their fellow Trustees are nice people - and they learn a lot too. You nominating them could be the push they need to go for it. Perhaps you know that a contact of yours cares about a particular cause - why not encourage them to be a Trustee?

To nominate someone, all you have to do is to use the hashtag #nominateatrustee and then include someone in a tweet or Facebook/LinkedIn/any other social media update. Of course, you can nominate more than one person at once.

If they would like more information about how to become a Trustee, please feel free to direct them to Getting On Board. We run a Signposting Service that helps individuals to find trustee roles that suit their needs and passions – just click on the 'Signposting' tab along the top of this page - or email for more information.

Happy nominating and thanks for your help!

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