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By Getting-On-Board, Nov 8 2017 01:29PM

Help us to reach 500 potential charity trustees on Giving Tuesday, Tuesday 28th November 2017!

Would you like to encourage your employees to undertake board-level volunteering to develop their skills and networks?

Giving time by joining a charity board is a superb way to make a valuable contribution to society whilst developing professional and leadership skills.

Did you know:

There are 100,000 vacancies for charity trustees in the UK

Trusteeship is open to all ages, backgrounds and skill sets

Trustees can be any level of seniority in their day job

The level of time commitment is modest (30 hours a year)

Most people don’t know what a trustee is or that trusteeship is open to them

96% of trustees said they had learn new skills and 84% said being a trustee made them happier.

Can you help us reach 500 potential trustees on #givingtuesday this year by booking a free 30-minute trustee information session for your employees? The sessions are suitable for people who want to find out more about being a trustee, as well as those who have never considered it before.

To book your session, visit

By Getting-On-Board, Nov 7 2017 02:53PM

At the start of 2018, Getting On Board will launch a new programme to support charities to recruit the trustees they need to operate effectively.

There are an estimated 100,000 trustee vacancies in the UK and our recent research showed that 74% of charities are still struggling to recruit the trustees they need.

As well as encouraging people to become trustees, there is an urgent need to professionalise trustee recruitment. Many charities are still recruiting trustees solely through word-of-mouth. It is estimated that only 10% of trustee vacancies are ever advertised. This leads to a lack of diversity on charity boards in terms of people, skills and knowledge.

With the support of Comic Relief, The Pears Foundation and the Anjoli Stewart Fund we will now work with charities to test free and low-cost trustee recruitment methods.

We will subsequently produce free guidance for any charity on how to recruit trustees effectively and cheaply.

For more information about this programme, please contact Penny Wilson,

By Getting-On-Board, Oct 4 2017 01:03PM

Taking a career break, whatever the reason, has its ups and downs. You might stop work for a few months on maternity leave, to care for a relative, or because of redundancy. Maybe your life simply takes a wrong turn, and you find yourself wondering how you can maintain your enthusiasm, skills and momentum without the regularity of working five days a week.

Whatever your reason for being off work, and whether it’s planned or a surprise; long-term or just for a few weeks, it is the perfect opportunity to volunteer as a charity board trustee.

Becoming a trustee is a great way to keep your skills up-to-date and also gives you the chance to develop new ones. It ensures you still have the opportunity to put your talents to good use, and is an excellent way to meet new people and make new connections. You could find that becoming a trustee while you are out of work opens up exciting new avenues when you return to your career.

And all the while, you will be providing much-needed support to the charity you volunteer for. Charities are crying out for new trustees and everyone has something to offer.

By Getting-On-Board, May 15 2017 02:10PM

Getting on Board’s research has found how poor practices are damaging UK charity effectiveness, and identified simple steps to improve things.

Our report, out on 16 May 2017, has found that outdated and unprofessional trustee recruitment practices are seriously threatening the efficacy of charities in the UK. There is a disparity between the number of British adults who say that they would be interested in being on a charity’s board and the large proportion of charities who report finding trustee recruitment difficult.

Key issues identified include the low levels of charities advertising their vacancies in the media and high levels recruiting simply through word-of-mouth. Few charities surveyed believed that their charity was well equipped to meet strategic needs in the coming years, and a disturbingly high number thought that their boards were not representative of the communities that they serve.

With increasing demand on charities to fill gaps in public service provision, board composition is increasingly under focus by funders. Also, crucially, we believe that more professional trustee recruitment leads to more effective boards. This enables charities to deliver a better quality of service to their clients.

The urgent need to identify new ways to professionalise trustee recruitment is not an intractable problem. Getting on Board has identified four areas in which ‘quick wins’ can be made, along with a list of key recommendations for further actions for charities, umbrella bodies in the sector, government, employers and funders.

For a full copy of the report please download it by clicking on the report cover to the right, or email /

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