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By Getting-On-Board, Jul 14 2016 10:34PM

Getting on Board launched a new training workshop, ‘Preparation for Trusteeship’ in Spring 2016. We were hearing more and more from individuals interested in becoming a trustee but hesitant to take their first steps towards a role due to questions around whether being a trustee was really for them, what would the role really involve and how much time would they need to commit?

We wanted to ensure that everyone recognises Trusteeship is something they could volunteer to do with confidence and our half day workshop does just this by bringing trusteeship alive through case studies, activities and real-life scenarios.

At our most recent workshop, delivered for Burges Salmon in Bristol 82% of attendees reported feeling more confident about becoming a trustee after the workshop and 100% would recommend the workshop to someone else.

By Getting-On-Board, Jul 6 2016 12:04PM

Starting a small business is an exciting time, but cash can be tight, meaning there is little to spend on training and development. Step forward the perfect solution - volunteering on a charity board! It’s the ideal option for entrepreneurs as becoming a trustee is a fantastic way to gain and hone the skills you will need as a business owner and can give you a real head-start.

Sitting on a charity board gives you access to all sorts of training and development opportunities. As a trustee you will work with the charity’s paid staff and other volunteers and get to know all the functions of a company. From HR and financial matters to planning ahead and fundraising (which requires similar skills to pitching for new business) – almost everything you do as a board member is transferable to your role as a business owner.

Many entrepreneurs miss the daily office banter, not to mention the networking opportunities. So life as a trustee will give you the chance to make lots of new contacts, broaden your horizons and regain that team-working element.

Our US counterparts are already embracing trusteeships, with 61% of entrepreneurs sitting on the board of a non-profit organisation and 50% being a board chairman, either currently or in the past.

“I’ve learnt more from being a charity trustee than any other form of professional development, and the wide-ranging skills I have gained from being a board member have helped my business in so many ways,” says Katie Hodgson, Director of Creative Sensemaking.

By Getting-On-Board, Nov 20 2015 08:20PM

Thoughts from our Founder, Sarah Hodgkinson

In 2004, the concept of Getting on Board, to encourage employee board level volunteering, was launched at a conference for leading employers, hosted by Ford Motor Company.

In November 2005, Getting on Board became a registered charity, and, earlier this week, the charity celebrated ten years of helping individuals become trustees at a reception, attended by representatives of public companies, government departments, the voluntary sector and a range of related organisations.

Employee board level volunteering is win, win, win, as it :

• strengthens charities’ governance

• is a great way to develop skills, particularly leadership skills, which are transferable back into the workplace

• is good for employers’ Corporate Responsibility profile

The Charity Commission’s initiative, Trustees’ Week, is key in raising awareness of trusteeship and strengthening the boards of charities and other organisations, by encouraging people with skills to volunteer for boards. Getting on Board was a founding partner of Trustees Week, now in its sixth year, and is delighted to be still involved.

Since 2005, there has been a significant increase in employers’ and employees’ understanding of the benefits of board level volunteering. More and more employers are encouraging their employees to volunteer. One reason for this is that increasingly candidates are asking employers at interview “What does your organisation do for the community?” People are wanting to work for an organisation that “puts something back” into society, and offering board level volunteering helps employers to become “Employers of choice”.

We’ve worked with many different employers and also with professional associations such as the Institute of Directors and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. In the last ten years, we’ve encouraged and helped thousands of people become trustees. Our pilot project in Suffolk, to engage with SMEs, so as to encourage employees of smaller organisations to become trustees, is attracting significant interest, and the plan is to roll this out to other counties.

Two weeks ago someone who’d just attended a Getting on Board seminar wrote :-

“Volunteering as a trustee is something I’ve been considering for a while but wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. So your organisation is exactly the type of service I need”.

Celebrating ten years of raising awareness of trusteeship, with some of our key supporters, was special, and we now look forward to an exciting future, working with employers and professional associations, to “spread the word” about the benefits of board level volunteering even further.

By Getting-On-Board, Oct 28 2015 07:24PM

Want to become a trustee but can’t find the time to look for a role, then come along to the Trustee Matching event being hosted by Getting on Board and I Am Group during Trustees' Week 2015.

When: Tuesday 3 November, 18:00 – 21:00

Where: Browns, 82 - 84 St Martins Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4AG

Cost: £10

Tickets here:

With an estimated 90,000 trustee vacancies in England and Wales right now, it can be a competitive place to find the right trustee for your charity and a little overwhelming if you’re an individual searching for your ideal role! So whether your charity is looking for trustees or you’re interested in becoming a trustee yourself, don’t miss out, come along to this excellent event and find your perfect match.

Becoming a charity trustee is such a great way to volunteer. 98% of trustees would recommend trusteeship as it can complement and add value to life in all sorts of ways, helping develop new skills for personal and professional development whilst supporting a cause you’re passionate about.

This is such a unique opportunity to talk directly to a number of charities that are recruiting – finding out what it’s all really about and what skills and attributes they are seeking.

Refreshments and nibbles will be available and our friendly facilitators will meet and greet you and ensure that you are introduced to some interesting people, whether you come alone, or with colleagues and friends.

To find out more about the event and book your ticket please visit

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