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By Getting-On-Board, Feb 28 2019 03:33PM

If you've ever sat through a trustee board meeting horrified at the behaviour going on around you, you will enjoy reading Diana Garnham's paper about the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Board Behaviours.

Most of us haven't been unlucky enough to sit on those rare boards that exhibit the extremes of these behaviours, but there may be a dose of some of these failings in all boards.

The paper takes a light-hearted look at dysfunctional boards, as well as outlining what an effective board looks and feels like which is helpful to existing trustees, chairs, charity CEOs and aspiring trustees alike.

Diana presented her thoughts at Getting on Board's TrusteeTalk event in February 2019, hosted by ICSA The Governance Institute. She advises that the report is read alongside Julia Unwin's work on the 5Ss of good governance.

By Getting-On-Board, Jan 15 2019 01:56PM

Getting on Board is researching the experiences of recently appointed trustees, to inform the trustee recruitment guidance we are writing for charities. If you have been appointed to a charity board in the last 12 months, we'd love to hear about your experiences - the good, bad and ugly (all anonymous!). The survey closes on Fri 24th Jan. Please share!

By Getting-On-Board, Sep 27 2018 02:54PM

We have two information events coming up for potential trustees. The talks will cover the role of charity trustees, common misconceptions and how to find and apply for a position on a charity board.

Did you know?

* There are 100,000 vacancies for charity trustees in the UK

* Trusteeship is open to all ages, backgrounds and skill sets

* Trustees can be any level of seniority in their day job

* The level of time commitment is modest (30 hours a year)

* Most people don’t know what a trustee is or that trusteeship is open to them

* 96% of trustees said they had learned new skills and 84% said being a trustee made them happier.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a charity trustee, book your ticket now (and tell your friends!).

You can book from our events page.

By Getting-On-Board, Jun 21 2018 10:36AM

We were delighted to run a board-matching event for Accenture on Monday 18th June 2018.

Accenture's 2020 volunteering strategy focuses on skilled volunteering: how their employees can use their professional skills to have real impact on the causes about which they are passionate. Of course, trusteeship is also a fabulous personal and professional development opportunity for trustees themselves. In our research, 96% of trustees (people at all levels in their professonal life) said that they had learnt new skills from serving on a charity board.

At the event we explored some of the myths about joining a charity board, questioned Accenture employees who are already trustees and charities looking for trustees, and then we got networking! Potential trustees met with charities looking for trustees.

Speed networking is an excellent way of meeting as many people as possible in a short space of time and having an excuse to move on if there isn't an obvious match. As usual, when we called the end of the formal speed networking, people carried on!

Thank you to all of the potential trustees and charities who came along.

If you might like a board-match event at your place of work, please get in touch with Penny Wilson,

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