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Preparation for Trusteeship workshop – helping you become board-ready!

By Getting-On-Board, Jul 14 2016 10:34PM

Getting on Board launched a new training workshop, ‘Preparation for Trusteeship’ in Spring 2016. We were hearing more and more from individuals interested in becoming a trustee but hesitant to take their first steps towards a role due to questions around whether being a trustee was really for them, what would the role really involve and how much time would they need to commit?

We wanted to ensure that everyone recognises Trusteeship is something they could volunteer to do with confidence and our half day workshop does just this by bringing trusteeship alive through case studies, activities and real-life scenarios.

At our most recent workshop, delivered for Burges Salmon in Bristol 82% of attendees reported feeling more confident about becoming a trustee after the workshop and 100% would recommend the workshop to someone else.

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