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By Getting-On-Board, Apr 4 2019 07:03PM

It’s an exciting week at Getting on Board HQ as we’ve launched our 2019 public events and programmes for people who want to find out more about becoming trustees and those who know they want to be a trustee but need support to find a role.

Joining a charity board: find out more about becoming a trustee

A 2-hour workshop for people that want to know more about becoming a trustee: what the role entails, what to expect, how to find a match with your interests and how to apply.

Joining a charity board: application workshop

A 3-hour workshop for people that already know that they want to be a trustee and want help finding and applying for a trustee role.

The Charity Board Leadership Programme

A more in depth programme for people that know they want to be a trustee, want support to find a role and, critically, want to be equipped to serve as an effective trustee. Deadline for applications 23rd April 2019.

All of these programmes are in London but we’d love to come to other locations in England and Wales. Get in touch ( if your network or organisation would like to invite us to deliver one of these events for your members or colleagues.

By Getting-On-Board, Mar 25 2019 11:47AM

We are proud to announce the publishing of our latest free guidance for charities looking to recruit diverse, robust and effective trustee boards. Kindly supported by Rathbones, and launched at an event at The Guardian, our comprehensive guide seeks to move the needle across the sector when it comes to embracing professional, open recruitment practices.

Currently, 90% of organisations recruit Trustees by word of mouth or existing networks, 41% of trustee boards are representative of the communities that they serve, and only 14% of charities feel well equipped to deal with the compliance, strategic, and development needs of their organsiation.

We collated the learnings from our Trustee Recruitment Pathways programme into a comprehensive 8 step guide to recruiting trustees, so that any organisation can join us in making a pledge to #recruitwell2019.

We are grateful to all the organisations who helped make this happen, including Pears Foundation, Comic Relief, and The Anjoli Stewart Fund.

We hope that through this free resource, we can help organisations face an ever changing and ever challenging landscape, with the right leadership to deliver public benefit in their communities for years to come.

You can take a look at the full guidance here

By Getting-On-Board, Feb 28 2019 03:33PM

If you've ever sat through a trustee board meeting horrified at the behaviour going on around you, you will enjoy reading Diana Garnham's paper about the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Board Behaviours.

Most of us haven't been unlucky enough to sit on those rare boards that exhibit the extremes of these behaviours, but there may be a dose of some of these failings in all boards.

The paper takes a light-hearted look at dysfunctional boards, as well as outlining what an effective board looks and feels like which is helpful to existing trustees, chairs, charity CEOs and aspiring trustees alike.

Diana presented her thoughts at Getting on Board's TrusteeTalk event in February 2019, hosted by ICSA The Governance Institute. She advises that the report is read alongside Julia Unwin's work on the 5Ss of good governance.

By Getting-On-Board, Jan 15 2019 01:56PM

Getting on Board is researching the experiences of recently appointed trustees, to inform the trustee recruitment guidance we are writing for charities. If you have been appointed to a charity board in the last 12 months, we'd love to hear about your experiences - the good, bad and ugly (all anonymous!). The survey closes on Fri 24th Jan. Please share!

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