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James Endersby, 34 from London, is a trustee for Streetkids International, an organisation that delivers training and tools to street kids, helping them plan for a positive future and participate in their community. He wanted to support this global organisation to help the 700 million young people around the world who live in poverty and has been a trustee there for 18 months.


“Economic empowerment has to be one of the greatest skill sets we can help develop,” he explains. “The young people passing through our programmes are given a chance to earn a decent living and change their own lives and the communities around them.”


James has long been involved in fundraising activities for various charities on a simple level – shaking collection tins, running marathons and so on. While these are vital sources of income, he was keen to make an impact at a higher and more sustainable level and put his private sector experience to good use in the third sector.


Like many trustees, James also enjoys one of the other key aspects of the trustee role – working closely with other board members who have all sorts of skills and experiences. “Their passion and professionalism is incredible and I have genuinely grown personally and professionally working closely with them.”









James Endersby

Trustee, Streetkids International

“I was on the fundraising board of Streetkids for a year before I was asked to be a trustee and I jumped at the opportunity," says James.


“One of the main things I have realised is just how incredibly important strong financial governance is when managing a charity, and just how tough it is trying to secure funding. Like many other charities, Streetkids is finding the current economic climate extremely challenging on the funding front, yet we continue to secure funding and manage our programmes and responsibilities exceptionally well thanks to a passionate internal fundraising team and strong financial governance from our trustees.”


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