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1. Read our FAQs about trusteeship or attend one of our events to find out about becoming a trustee. You can also invite us into your workplace for you and your colleagues to learn about joining a charity board.


2. Work out the kind of charity you might be interested in joining. Small/medium/large? Local/regional/national/international? And which cause? Animals/education/homelessness/heritage/older people/health (the list goes on!)?


3. Have a look at some of the advertised vacancies to see what is out there. Click here to see a list of trustee vacancies on Google.


4. Only 10% of vacancies are ever advertised, so you can also contact charities to ask if they have vacancies. See the advanced search on the Charity Commission's register (or OSCR in Scotland) to find charities in your areas of interest.


5. Think about what you have to offer to a charity board. Which skills would you be bringing? What knowledge or experience can you offer (this could be anything from personal experience of a cause or service to an understanding of the NHS or local government)?


6. Expect to apply for several and the process can take a while. Don't take rejection personally. Application is normally by cover letter or CV. You can download a template cover letter here.


7. If you want some help, sign up to our signposting service. There is a charge for this which employers normally cover,







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